How To Make Cannabis Infused Ice Cream - 3 Tasty Recipes

Marijuana became quite a widespread ingredient in cooking. Brownies, coffee, milk, cookies, chocolate, and other dished can be cooked with the addition of marijuana. Since the summer is approaching, it’s time to discover new recipes of the dish that greatly helps to stand the heat. We mean ice cream. If you live in one of the states where cannabis is legalized, you should take advantage of it to the full. Stop perceiving this plant as a drug only. Marijuana and its derivatives, such as CBD, are often used for medical purposes. Explore Elixinol CBD products to find out about the ways of using them in detail.
Here are the best recipes for cooking the ice-cream that will retain the characteristics and flavor of this plant.

Coffee ice cream with hash

This recipe presupposes using kief or hash to infuse the ice cream with cannabis. The average dosage of THC in this recipe is 50 mg. If you’re an experienced marijuana user, you may make it higher or lower, depending on your purposes. In general, some benefits can be achieved without consuming THC, read just CBD gummies review to make sure of it. To cook this ice cream, you need to take milk, coffee beans, granulated sugar, cream, egg yolks, salt, and vanilla extract. Take a large bowl, mix the first four ingredients, and slightly melt them. Pass the mixture through a sieve and add some kief to it. Add egg yolks and carefully stir it.
Place the mixture on low heat and cook it till it starts to thicken. Then put it to the fridge, let it cool, and add the last ingredient— vanilla. After it, the mixture can be put into the freezer.

Ice cream with cannabis infused milk

This recipe is easy to do. If you don’t want to tinker with cooking, you may give preference to CBD products. Just CBD is one of the few producers who worth attention. Read this review to find out more about the products and choose the suitable one for you. Those who want to experience all effects of cannabis may cook ice cream, especially since the recipe contains only four ingredients: vanilla extract, sugar, cannabis infused milk, and heavy cream.
Mix sugar, milk, and cream and place it to the heat to melt the sugar and make the mixture homogeneous. Add vanilla and let the future ice cream cool. Take the ice-cream forms, pour the mixture into them, and place it to the freezer.

Cannabutter ice cream

The main ingredient here is cannabutter. The other two are cream and sugar. Melt the cream in one bowl and cannabutter in another. Add some sugar to melted butter to make it sweet. You’re free to add some mashed fruits or melted chocolate. Combine all ingredients, mix them carefully, and place to the freezer overnight to enjoy the tasty sweetness in the summer heat. If you love sweets, you should try CBD gummies. Click this link to get acquainted with this type of product if you’ve never tried it before.